Horse Day Camp 2007

On July 13th, BLW Ranch held its first day camp! Six young riders, some of whom take lessons from Linda, joined in on the fun. The girls made horse treats, played a Boot Scramble game, and, of course, got to ride! The afternoon came to an end with everyone asking Linda for another camp. This one was a hit!

Below are almost one hundred photos taken through out the day. You may click on the following links to see the respective sections.

Horse Treats - Boot Scramble - At the Barn - Riding in the Arena


Homemade Horse Treats!

All set with bowls and spatulas.
Ingredients included oats meal, puffed grain cereal, apple sauce, pepperminds, carrots, and molasses.
Mixing it together. Forming the treats.
Making more.
Sticky hands!


The Boot Scramble Race

Ready to run!
Ireland gets a youngster boost-start.
Finding her boots at the pile.
Scrambling to put socks and boots on!
Taylor's almost ready.
Taylor in first, Brianne second.
Ann's pink boots!


Getting Ready at the Barn

Shae, Madison, and Ann.
Here are the lesson horses!
Putting Britney on the cross ties.
Britches getting settled.
Jancee likes to help, too!
Here's Britney!
That feels good!
Shae, grooming Tuffy.
Ireland leading her Smoky gelding with Linda.
Ireland and Smoky.
Taylor cleaning her Pongo's feet.
Shiloh getting his feet cleaned by Brianne.
Linda helping Pongo get tacked up.
And helping with Tuffy. Brianne and Shiloh.
Taylor and Pongo, her barrel horse.
Ireland and Smoky.
Heading out!
To the Arena.


Riding Time in the Arena!

Britney and Ann.
Britches and Madison.
Ireland and Smoky.
Shiloh, Linda, and Brianne.
Shae and Amanda adjusting stirrups on Tuffy.
You can almost see all six riders at their cones!
Saddle check!

Ireland's ready!

Adjusting more stirrups for Madison. Ann and Britney are ready.
Taylor and Pongo.
Ann taking Britney through the cones.
Brianne and Shiloh waiting.
The two bays ready to start.
Britches waiting patiently.
Let's go!
Walking on the rail.
Shiloh and Brianne walking.
Madison, Anne, and Taylor walking.
At a whoa.
Ireland, on the rail, and Taylor walking.
Brianne walking.
Madison and Britches.
Shae on Tuffy.
Making their way around.
Trotting Smoky.
Her she comes! Look at that smile!
Taylor and Madison, trotting.
Brianne and Shae.
Taking him to the rail.
Britches and Madison.
That's a cat Linda's holding!
Brianne trotting Shiloh.
Linda with the cat who strayed into the arena.
Bringing Britches in.
Plans of taking Madisons spurs off.
Waiting to begin again.
Still waiting.
Back to work.
Lining up for the first exercise.
Waiting in Line.
They're not brothers, but the girls love how similarly they are marked!
Ireland demonstrates going through the cones.
Then goes Brianne. Madison taking Britches through the cones.
Back in line. Shae and Tuffy have a go at it.
And now Miss Britney. Easy work here!
Pongo is sucha cute mover! Waiting for another round.
Going through the poles. Britches trotting over the poles.
Tuffy and Shae starting the poles. Trotting back through the cones.
Pongo and the poles. Big trot through the poles.
Ireland trots Smoky over the poles. Coming back 'round through the cones.
Britney and Ann. Other direction now.
Smoky over the poles one last time. Horse and Rider Line Up.
This marks the end of the ride!
One last photo at the end of a fun day!

Hope you enjoyed these photos!