Horse Training

With over 20 years experience in training, BLW Ranch can teach your horse with a knowledgeable and expert hand. Linda’s education about horses began at the young age of nine and evolved through participating in and leading 4-H, working with various trainers, attending clinics, and naturally, dedicating much of her time and work to horses. While she specializes in ground training, Linda trains horses for a variety of disciplines and levels, including English, Western, jumping, introduction to dressage, trail course, and trail riding.

BLW emphasizes the importance of ground training to build a solid foundation for the horse and taking quality time to make a quality horse. Before saddling and riding, a horse started at BLW will be worked extensively in the round pen, including free and line lunging, de-spooking exercises, and ground driving. Linda believes in the intelligence of horses and uses their minds to better the use of their bodies.

In order to provide each horse dedicated attention and training, BLW Ranch only takes one to two approved horses at a time for training.

For more information about having your horse trained, please contact BLW Ranch.


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